3D Matrix Multiplication Tricks

Recently, I came across times 3D matrix multiplication in Matlab. It is for frequency domain signal processing, specifically, frequency-dependent multi-channel Wiener filter. Here, 3D matrix multiplication means 2D matrix multiplication at each frequency (or other parameters):  Given \mathbf{A}(f) and \mathbf{B}(f) which are matrices (vectors) at each frequency f, derive \mathbf{C}(f)=\mathbf{A}(f)\mathbf{B}(f).

In Matlab, we hold \mathbf{A}(f) in a 3D matrix \mathtt{A(1:F,1:M,1:K)}, and hold \mathbf{B}(f) in \mathtt{B(1:F,1:K,1:N)}. Suppose frequency is along the first dimension, then one plain implementation of 3D matrix multiplication is

A1=permute(A,[2 3 1]);
B1=permute(B,[2 3 1]);
for f=1:F

But if \mathtt{F} is large while \mathtt{M*N} is small (for example, \mathtt{F=1024,M=2,N=5}), as in multi-channel Wiener filter, the loop along frequency drags speed down significantly.

The native power of Matlab lies in matrix and vector operation, which is lightning fast. (JIT helps a lot in some cases, but not always.) Here the strategy is to replace the loop along frequency by loop along the second and third dimensions, and vectorize the inner operations:

 A1=permute(A,[1 3 2]);
 for m=1:M
     for n=1:N

The total number of iterations now is \mathtt{M*N}, instead of \mathtt{F}. Using this strategy, I observed more than 10X speeding up for \mathtt{F=1024,M=2}, and \mathtt{N=5}.

In the special case of \mathtt{K==1}, the above code can be simplified further:

for n=1:N

Another important case is \mathtt{A(f,:,:)} is a diagonal matrix at each frequency, we can find \mathtt{C(1:F,1:M,1:N)} in one stroke:

C=repmat(A(:,1:M+1:M*M),[1 1 N]).*B;

It feels very good to see results jumping out right away.


About Shuhua Zhang

Born in Anhui, China. Awarded a doctor's degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University. Now a postdoc researcher working on audio and speech signal processing, especially source separation, in gipsa-lab, Grenoble-INP, France.
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